We have a wide selection of courses here at TRYkitesurfing to suit every need, from half day sessions to give you a taste of the action to two day courses from zero to hero – all delivered by our friendly TRYkitesurfing Team.

Check out the links below for more information on all our courses:

Half Day Trykitesurfing Taster Course

Half Day Taster Course

This is a great introduction to kitesurfing. This lesson will get your key kite skills/manoeuvres and safety knowledge under your belt in no time at all. All based on the land, this is a great taster of the sport and what’s to come. A different number of kite sizes are used to maximise your learning […]

One Day Course

This intensive five hour IKO course will take you through the basics of kitesurfing. This course is an absolute must for anyone planning on taking up kitesurfing or can act as a refresher if you’ve been away for a while – or simply as a taster to one of the worlds most exciting and environmentally […]

Two Day Trykitesurfing Course

Two Day Course

This intensive two day IKO course will take you through the basics of kitesurfing – from kite control to getting you up and going on the board. This course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get themselves ready to enter the exciting world of kitesurfing in the shortest time possible. This two […]

Meet the Team

  ROBBIE RENWICK Co-owner and Instructor     MARK DEANS Co-owner and Instructor     HOLLY KENNEDY Assistant Instructor and Professional Kiteboarder     JODIE LE RESCHE Marketing Manager and newbie Kitesurfer  

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