Half Day Taster Course

This is a great introduction to kitesurfing. This lesson will get your key kite skills/manoeuvres and safety knowledge under your belt in no time at all. All based on the land, this is a great taster of the sport and what’s to come. A different number of kite sizes are used to maximise your learning and to help build your confidence.

We supply state of the art equipment from Naish, Best Kiteboarding and Ocean Rodeo on all courses, including wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and of course kite. Each course has an excellent student instructor ratio, with all our instructors being fully IKO certified.

This course covers the following skills:

  • Choosing a safe flying area
  • Pre-flight equipment checks
  • Setting up and flying a trainer kite
  • Setting up and flying a kitesurfing kite

Price: £90

Is this the course for you?

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Valid up to 12 months after purchase, our vouchers can be claimed back on a weekend of your choice during our on-season (March – October). Due to variable weather, please select three weekends which suit you and email our team at info.trykitesurfing@gmail.com to confirm your date.

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