Kitesurfing is a complex, but rewarding sport. There really is nothing like it! It involves a combination of several sport skills, including surfing, wakeboarding and kiteflying.

Below are some common questions about Kitesurfing, listed with answers to give you the basics of what it takes to get into Kitesurfing and why you should consider taking lessons from us.


Am I strong enough?
Kitesurfing requires a level of strength in order to control the kite, but good kite control comes from good technique also. Our instructors will show you techniques to help if you are smaller in height and stature and we will never leave you with a kite feeling unsafe or not in control.


What’s the age limit?
For safety reasons the minimum age is 14 for lessons. We feel it’s really important not to take children under this age as their physical strength and size could mean they feel scared by the power of the kite. There is no upper limit to age and the sport is inclusive and has many kitesurfers 50+ and many of our students fall into this age category.

Do I need experience with kites?
Not at all – if you’re a complete novice then that is no problem and we are experienced in taking students as beginners. All our courses include a comprehensive land based lesson that will run through everything for beginners as to how the kite flies in the wind. If you already have some experience that is great and this part of the tuition will be a great refresher on safety and knowledge of the kite.

Is there a minimum height?
The age restriction on us teaching children is due to the safety aspects of a child’s height and strength. If you are an adult shorter in height then we will make sure you still feel safe and in control of the kite during your lesson. There are techniques we will teach you to ensure this, but a good level of strength and physical fitness is ideal for these to work.

Isn’t it too cold in Scotland?
Scotland is of course renowned for its warm climate and tropical waters… right? Yes, it’s a little chilly and we wouldn’t recommend going out in just a bathing suit, but we provide high quality wetsuits, shoes and gloves to all students that will keep you safely warm enough in the open water. Instructors will always check you are ok and should you feel too cold it’s not a problem to get out the water and warm up a bit should you need to. We feel it is an advantage to learn in the conditions here in Scotland because it will prepare you for all weather-types when you visit other locations to kitesurf. Most people find they’re having too much fun to notice the cold anyway!

What do I need to bring?
You will need warm clothing and shoes for the land-based lesson and to change into after being in the sea. We provide wetsuits and safety helmets so you need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. Before your lesson you will receive an email that specifies all of this. We recommend you bring good energy snacks and a packed lunch (a warm thermos is also a great idea). The most important thing to bring is your enthusiasm!

What happens if it’s not windy enough the date of my course?
As a weather dependent sport this does unfortunately happen sometimes, but we will reschedule your lesson and offer alternative dates. Our instructors are constantly keeping an eye on the wind forecast and their expertise means we only select dates for your course that are expected to have good enough conditions for a great lesson.

It kitesurfing hard to learn?
The sport is definitely as challenging as it is rewarding, but it’s certainly not too hard for a beginner to learn. Every year we successfully get students into kitesurfing and all our students progress well and find they can learn to kitesurf. Our instructors will teach you all the safety elements and techniques, but it’s up to you to get the practise in afterwards. We keep good contact with all our students and are always on hand to offer advice or further tuition as well as organising meet-ups so we can head out together.

Which TRYkitesurfing course is right for me?
We offer courses that range from a taster to the sport and what flying a kite involves, refresher courses for those who are looking to progress and also full weekend courses for beginners. Please check out our courses page for more information on each, but also do get in touch should you want any advice from our team as to what suits you.

Are these good gifts?
Our packages make great gifts and many of our students were given these are gifts and are now competent kitesurfers themselves. If you know someone who likes activity, the outdoors and something fun with a bit of adrenaline involved then this is a perfect and different gift to get them. Feel free to get in touch should you want some advice on what course to go for.

What is the course duration?
On our courses page you will find information about the duration of each course. Kitesurfing is physically demanding and can definitely tire you out so we will happily take breaks or end the lesson for the day based on how you are physically feeling.

Can’t a friend who already kitesurfs not teach me?
Flying a kite requires good knowledge of safety and sound technique. Our qualified instructors are highly experienced and from our courses you will be fully competent in handling a kite safely. For this reason, we strongly recommend you do not take lessons from a friend or unqualified instructor. Without knowing all the safety aspects it is possible to end up in a dangerous or unsafe situation – the kite’s used are very powerful and can easily lift you meters off the ground if you are not safely in control. Once you have completed a course with TRYkitesurfing then it’s a great base to go out with friends who can already kitesurf and be sound in your own knowledge of safety and control of the kite.

How long does it take to learn?
This is very much dependent upon the individual and also how much practise you put in after your course with us. From our courses we will give you all the tools and information to go on yourself and safely practise. Students who do this find that within a season they become competent kitesurfers and students can buy all the equipment they need through us to get going. Our trip to Tiree is also a great way to intensively improve your kitesurfing and quickly progress – check out our page on the trip to Tiree last year for information and upcoming news for our 2018 trip.

Is it an expensive sport to do?
Kitesurfing is a sport you invest in. Students can buy through TRYkitesurfing all the equipment and kites they will need. We recommend you invest in quality products that will not only work for you, but also have longevity and last multiple seasons. We only sell what we personally use and our instructors have great experience and knowledge of the brands and can offer sound advice as to what is good value for you. Check out our Shop section for more information and feel free to contact us further. We will never sell equipment of kites that we are not confident are right for our students and we take pride in being a trusted and well respected retailer for the sport.

 If you have any further queries about getting started with kitesurfing just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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