Holly Kennedy – Instructor and Professional Kiteboarder

Holly Holly is our only female instructor on the TRYkitesurfing team, but don’t let that fool you – she can run rings around some of the boys!

World record holder for the Ladies Highest Jump, Holly sports an impressive kitesurfing résumé. Currently ranked second in Britain, she recently claimed silver at the World Tour Boardercross Championships in Ireland and placed third overall at the BKSA Freestyle Championships.

Sponsored by North Kites, Ion and ASM Development, Kennedy hopes to become the British Ladies Freestyle Champion soon.

Competitive, fun and personable, Holly has always pushed herself to the limit. As a youngster, she achieved success in both gymnastics and athletics, and was crowned Scottish Gymnastics champion and senior school athletics gold medallist.

Since being introduced to kitesurfing by her water-loving family, Holly has never looked back. Kitesurfing now for over six years – and instructing for four – Holly is a great instructor to have at the helm of your kite and the perfect person to guide you from zero to hero!


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